Digitisation of German film heritage


The goal of this task - entrusted with the FFA since 2012 - is to ensure that the most important films of German film history are also accessible to a wide audience in the future. The FFA‘s funding addresses films which can be considered part of the national cinematic heritage and are film historically and artistically of special value.

Since January 2019, the Federal Government, the federal states and the German Federal Film Board (FFA) have been working together to preserve national film heritage. The funding program, which is financed equally by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM), the FFA and the federal states, provides up to 10 million euros annually for the digitization of cinema films. Funding is provided in three areas: exploitation, curation and conservational necessity.


Claudia Zeitler


Claudia Zeitler
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Kerstin Fredrich


Kerstin Fredrich
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Photograph, NFP
Traumfabrik, Tobis
Der Fall Collini, Constantin
Der Fall Collini
Die drei !!!, Constantin
Die drei !!!
Die Goldfische, Sony
Die Goldfische
TKKG, Warner