Funding according to the German-French “Minitraité”


A film project being produced together with a French production partner may be supported by the FFA within the framework of the German-French co-production agreement. The annual funding volume from both countries totals 3.2 million Euros. 200,000 Euros of this amount are earmarked for the German-French Project Development Fund to support the next generation of producers. The BKM and the FFA each provide half of the production funding on the German side.

A German producer may apply for a conditionally repayable loan of up to 20% of his co-production share, but no more than 300,000 Euros, for the production funding. The participation of third countries is allowed to a limited extent, the funding criteria for the FFA's project film funding apply.

Within the framework of the German-French Project Development Fund, producers who are resident in Germany and France may apply for up to 50,000 Euros of the costs for the development of a film project. The project should be the first or second film for one or both applicants.

Funding applications must be submitted at the same time by the German producer to the FFA and by the French producer to the CNC. The German-French Commission normally meets for three funding sessions each year.


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