Cinema Funding

The purpose of the FFA’s exhibition funding is to strengthen and preserve the nationwide and diverse cinema structure as well as its quality, both in the cities and the rural areas. Funding is granted according to the project and reference principles.

Cinema project funding

Funding can be granted for up to 200,000 Euros, and in exceptional cases for up to 350,000 Euros, for the modernisation and improvement of cinemas as well as the new construction of cinemas provided that they contribute to a structural improvement. A maximum of 50% of the total investment will be recognized by the FFA, up to 30% being allocated as a grant and 70% as interest-free loans with a duration of up to 10 years.

Up to 50% of the eligible costs can be allocated as a grant if the modernisation measures are serving to create full accessibility. In this case, the maximum funding of 350,000 Euros can be exceeded. The FFA can also award up to 200,000 Euros for extraordinary or exemplary promotional measures or the collaboration between cinemas.

In addition, the FFA awards grants for the screening of short films as supporting programmes and programmes of short films, film education measures for children and young people for the screening of feature films, or costs of a business consultancy for cinemas.

Applications can be submitted by the exhibitors at the respective deadlines. As a rule, the responsible committee for cinema funding convenes three times a year.


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Exhibition reference funding

The reference principle makes it possible for the exhibitor to receive a retroactive funding for existing audience successes. This includes exceptional admissions for German films or films from EU Member States, from another state under the auspices of the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), or from Switzerland. The grants are awarded for the modernisation, improvement and new construction of cinemas. Moreover, the funding can be used for promotional measures for German and European films as well as for exceptional or exemplary promotional or marketing measures.