Market Research and Statistics

The FFA has exclusive access to the latest and relevant market data on the cinema and video industries in Germany, and makes them available on a regular basis and at no charge. The FFA receives the information thanks to the continuous reporting of box-office and admission figures by the exhibitors, distribution companies, and market research institutes as well as through in-house surveys and studies.

The box-office results collated by the FFA provide the annually evaluated key figures on cinema-goers, cinema attendance, turnover, ticket price, market share of German films, viewing behaviour and consumption as well as a snapshot of the German cinema market with the development of the sites, screening venues and screens. Moreover, the monthly updated film lists offer an overview of the admission figures for the 100 most attended films. The most important statistics for the cinema year and further data are also published at the beginning of each year in the information brochures FFA info and FFA info-compact as well as the Annual Report.

Apart from the market data, in-house studies and papers commissioned by the FFA or compiled with its help regularly provide information about the viewing behaviour in cinemas as well as the film business’s structures and prospects. In particular, the annual FFA study “The Cinema- Goer” analyses the structure of cinema-going and the development of audience behaviour, while the FFA study on arthouse cinemas delivers representative statistics about the status, attendance, occupancy rate, and ticket prices of the arthouse cinemas in Germany as well as a sociodemographic evaluation of the audiences going to arthouse films.

Moreover, each year, the FFA publishes a study about special forms of cinemas – including drive-in cinemas, film festivals, open-air events, communal cinemas or cinemas at universities, schools or clinics – and also provides individual analyses of the German cinema and the 3D market in Germany from the respective previous year.


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